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Lawn Seeding

Tree Fellas LLC ™ can provide you or your business with a variety of options when it comes to your lawn. From fixing a problem area or complete lawn-seeding. We provide extensive lawn-care. We can fertilize your lawn. Repairs include, Harley raking, york raking, and the use of a power box rake, naturally we can re-seed using slicer/seeder and over seeders. Prices for your project can be quoted on line. Naturally our evaluations are free. We stand ready to help.​

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Tree Fellas LLC ™ uses a state of the art deep root feeding system. As of March 1, 2012 we are NJ State Certified Fertilizer applicators. Certification ID. C001314. Using a blend of premium liquid fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc in combination with Adams Earth, Organic Soil Amendment we inject this solution deep into the soil along the "drip line" of the tree. This solution was developed by The Plant Food Company of Cranbury, NJ. Our results are highly sought after and an excellent choice for your landscaping needs.

Although you may recognize the need to fertilize your lawn and your shrubs you might not have considered the value of a mature, vibrant healthy tree does to the value of your home and in addition how it helps our environment. A Vegetative cover of solid (turf) maintains and improve infiltration of rain, stabilizes the soil and retains nutrients and other contaminants which in turn reduce runoff and pollution of water. Excess application of Nitrogen or Phosphorus can runoff into our water ecosystem causing eutrophication (causes an enhanced or excessive rate of biological production) That slimy green pond​.

Lawn Fertilization and Pesticide Applications 

Tree Fellas LLC ™ is licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as a Commercial Pesticide Business License. Do you want a beautiful lawn, we can help. Our spring special begins 3/2/19. For a low rate of $30 to provide Pre-emergent weed control and fertilization to your residential front lawn. Please contact us to get scheduled. If you want to talk to me about this right now please call. (609) 558-8462.

Our customers currently include private residences, adult communities and major distribution and retail stores. We offer a six step application that is designed to feed your lawn, control grubs, insects and control weeds. Our Tree and Shrub programs offer Horticultural oils to protect you investments as well as fertilizers to healthy growth.