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From the smallest blade of grass to the  tallest tree, Tree Fellas ™ is your answer. We provide quality landscaping to include installation, and maintenance of plants, shrubs and trees. We have developed long standing quality relationships with local nurseries and lawn maintenance companies. We can offer you our complete resources to cover any of your landscaping needs. The photograph below depicts a simple landscaping product installed for a small non-profit company in Trenton, NJ. Tree Fellas now offers full service lawn maintenance and fertilization. This means that we can cut your grass. Our spring special for LAWN cutting is $40 for an acre, smaller lawns equal less $$.

We believe that communication between contractor and customer is they key to success. Understand their objectives and matching that with our abilities to produce is paramount. This is the key to our success. We’ll keep in mind the likely changes that will take place throughout the spring, summer, and fall as we deliver this service. If you’re using Tree Fellas' weeding and touch-up services, we’ll continue to maintain the landscaping throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

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Any thicker than 1-3 inches and roots will begin growing in the mulch (where they are more susceptible to drought and low temperatures) instead of the soil.  We understand that mulch can accumulate over time, so we’ll check the existing depth before adding more.

We’ll make sure that your mulch does not layer against the base or trunk of the plants and cause decay and winter injury. We don’t use plastic as it does not decompose and can trap excess moisture. Also, the soil underneath the plastic will dry out, inhibiting the growth of deep plant roots that better withstand climate extremes.


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We understand that mulching offers multiple benefits in the landscape. Neutral-colored mulch sets off colorful ornamental plants from the surrounding lawn or pavement, providing visual appeal. But it does much more than beautify the landscape; mulch also helps maintain strong and healthy plants. Good organic mulch materials include bark, shredded cypress or cedar (which also has good insect-repellent properties). Mulching helps ornamental plants conserve moisture, maintain a more uniform temperature in the root zone, and become established more quickly in a weed- and grass-free area. Other benefits of mulching include preventing mechanical injury caused by lawn mowers and weed-eaters, improving soil structure, and where organic mulches are used limiting weed growth.

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  • Trimming
  • Edging
  • Grass cutting
Spring Maintenance & Mulching

Let’s face it, after the winter thaw your landscape beds don’t always look so good. If Tree Fellas provided our Fall Maintenance service, you’you have got a head start. If not, there may be much work to do. Spring maintenance involves the following:

  • Mulching
  • Plant/shrub moving
  • Lawn Fertilization