Using our spider balancer to safely remove a limb above a home...They just installed a new roof.


The selective removal of plant parts to meet specific goals and objective


Level 1, is the structural pruning of limbs that are less than 2" in diameter, Level 2 is the removal of limbs that are less than 4" in diameter and finally level 3 pruning is the removal of limbs that exceed 4" in diameter.


$395 for a professional using a bucket truck.
$495 for a professional who must climb the tree climbing.
We have removed trees for free. We have removed trees that exceed $$$$.


It is there are many, many things that can increase the price of your project. Here are some of the considerations that we as professionals use to determine our costs to complete your project:

Proximity: Where are you located in relation to our home base. (Mercer County New Jersey).

Access: Where is the tree located on your property, can we get to it easily? What obstacles are with faced
with i.e. fences, gate openings, pools, utility lines.

Health: Is she a hazard tree or a danger tree (could she fail/fall on her own, could she impact electric lines?)

Time: How long will it take to complete the job.

We can provide you with other services also they are:


One of the services we can provide for your tree is Deep Root Fertilization. This is a process where we inject a liquid fertilizer into drip line of your trees or shrubs. It is a proprietary mixture of fertilizers, specifically manufactured for Tree Fellas by the Plant Food Company of Cranbury NJ.


The installation of a steel wire rope, steel strand, or synthetic-fiber system within a tree between limbs or leaders to limit movement and provide supplemental support.


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Tree Fellas LLC, ™is a full service tree company with offices in Hamilton and Robbinsville Townships, in Mercer County New Jersey. We are members of the Tree Care Industry of America and as such we adhere to the Standards adopted by TCIA. Our services include TREE PRUNING, TREE SHAPING, TREE PLANTING, TREE RELOCATION AND TREE FERTILIZATION.​

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